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Cartagena - Colombia

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, hosted LAFS in its second edition. In this opportunity, the 650 attendees had the privilege of listening to a fashion icon: Carolina Herrera. Sustainability and entrepreneurship were some of the topics developed in the panels and conferences, with the mission of empowering the talented professionals in the audience. Carmen Busquets, Johanna Ortiz and Holli Rogers were some of the special speakers. The Golden Ages and Love in the Time of Cholera (italics) by Gabriel García Márquez were the themes of the dinners that generated more expectations.


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Carolina Herrera photo
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Kelly Talamas
Nane Miller photo
Uti Torres
Atenas Hernandez photo
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Ana Faria photo
Leslee Shupe photo
Luisa Robledo photo
Natassia Capra photo
Juliana Pachon photo
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Adriana Rivera photo
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Andres Oyuela photo
Danie Gomez photo
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● Discount for flights from or to Miami:
- 10 % discount in Y, B, M, U, K, and H.
- 8 % discount in J and C.
- 7 % discount in L, Q, T, and E.
- 4 % discount in N and R.
- The discount is not applicable in classes D, I, and V.
● Discount not applicable for Basic Economy, Branded Fares, and AM Plus tariffs.
● Discount applicable for all AeroMéxico flights.
● Discount not applicable for flights in shared code.
● Reservations and purchases through the AeroMéxico call center: Groups Desk or Direct Sales Offices.

Additional Information:
● The discount must be applied manually at the moment of the ticket expedition.
● Those interested must present the invitation letter to the summit or the inscription form.
● Name changes are not allowed.
● In case of date or time changes, additional charges could be applied based on the tariff, class, and availability differences.

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