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Riviera Maya - Mexico

LAFS’s first edition was hosted at the magical Riviera Maya, Mexico. The event opened with a white dinner party. Conferences, workshops, panels and networking events where held for the 320 attendees. Eva Hughes, Ismael Cala, Esteban Cortázar, Mónica Sordo and Daniel Funis where only some of the special speakers. Color block and tropical vibes where the themes of the dinners that followed in this intimate and memorable first edition

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Ariela Suster photo
Carry Somers photo
Creo Consulting photo
Maria Pacheco photo
Kelly Talamas photo
Paula Mendoza photo
Victoria de la Fuente photo
Stacey Caldwell photo
Angel Sanchez photo
Brenda diaz de la Vega photo
Andrea Somma photo
Daniela Villegas photo
Tanya Melendez photo
Alexandra Araujo photo
Alisa NG photo
Sara Beltran photo
Monica Sordo photo
Esteban Cortazar photo
Sarah Easley photo
Fabricio Cardenas photo
Lisa Pomerantz photo
Miguel Enamorado photo
Ana Khouri photo
Mario Rodriguez Graniel photo
Mercedes Salazar photo
Alyse Nelson photo
Ismael Cala photo
Elizabeth Von Der Goltz photo
Lisa Smilor photo
Eugenia Gonzalez de Henn photo
Ramya Giangola photo
Kute Blackson photo
Irma Martinez photo
Karla Martinez de Salas photo
Trisha Gregory photo
Claudia Torrico
Mario Braghieri photo
Massimo Casagrande photo
Hakan Baykan photo
Sofia Felix Smith photo
Jose Luis Avila photo
Valentina Collado photo
Araceli Graham photo
Eugenia Silva photo
Camila Straschnoy photo
Gabriella Smith photo
Daniel Funis photo
Christine Ellis photo
Amalia Korasidou photo
Morena Zabeni photo
Luvi Wheelock photo
Ignacio Cobo photo
Miguel Brito photo
Cassie Smart photo

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- 10 % discount in Y, B, M, U, K, and H.
- 8 % discount in J and C.
- 7 % discount in L, Q, T, and E.
- 4 % discount in N and R.
- The discount is not applicable in classes D, I, and V.
● Discount not applicable for Basic Economy, Branded Fares, and AM Plus tariffs.
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● Discount not applicable for flights in shared code.
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Additional Information:
● The discount must be applied manually at the moment of the ticket expedition.
● Those interested must present the invitation letter to the summit or the inscription form.
● Name changes are not allowed.
● In case of date or time changes, additional charges could be applied based on the tariff, class, and availability differences.

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