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What is


Pitch to LAFS is an annual contest in search for the next big Latin American emerging talents. Five finalists per category present their brands in front of a jury formed by twenty fashion eminences. During the pitch process, the participants receive an in-depth consultancy by Istituto Marangoni’s mentors to perfection their proposal. The winners will obtain outstanding prizes and acknowledgements.
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2018 & 2019

In 2018 the first prize went to Colombian designer Kika Vargas, whose evolution as a designer and authentic style stood out. After the contest his pieces entered Bergdorf Goodman. This year, the second place went to Escvdo (Peru) and the third to Sandra Weil (Mexico).
Kika vargas Pitch to LAFS winner

“The most valuable thing of my experience at PITCH TO LAFS

was the mentorship, the fact that professionals of the industry with countless connections were able to get to know my brand. For me, that was way more important than the $ 10.000 prize.”

- Kika Vargas

Colombian designer winner of the first Pitch to LAFS,
currently selling the pieces of her eponymous firm at Bergdorf Goodman.

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In 2019 the winner was the renowned Colombian designer Maygel Coronel, who surprised with her proposal and her excellent business strategy.
The second place went to Kris Goyri and the third to Collectiva Concepción, both Mexican brands.
maygel coronel Pitch to LAFS winner

is not only a huge acknowledgement,

but also an opportunity to showcase your project and give a big step hand in hand with an extraordinary group of professionals. It is the chance you have to be listened by the fashion industry’s leading professionals and to receive the knowledge to create a solid base for your brand. Winning the Pitch to LAFS gave me the opportunity to be part of Moda Operandi’s showroom, thus becoming part of its family. It was a dream come true!”

- Maygel Coronel

Founder of Maygel Coronel, Colombia.



In each edition, twenty international leaders of the fashion industry participate as juries at Pitch to LAFS. Amongst them, there are respected buyers, important consultants, CEOs, Showroom’s directors, established designers and well-known editors.


Ramya Giangola, Esteban Cortázar, Astrid Boutrot, Carmen Busquets, Lisa Pomerantz, Araceli Graham, Trisha Gregory, Sarah Easley, Morena Zabeni, Eva Hughes, Christine Ellis, Luvi Wheelock, Victoria de la Fuente, Hakan Baykam, Ana Faria, Brian Bolke, Daniel Funis, Nathalie Kingham, Kelly Talamas and Valentina Collado were some of the past editions’ jury members. Soon, we will publish the professionals selected for this year.

hojas - Pitch to LAFS

Who can participate

and how to apply?

Every Latin American designer with a fashion brand that fits the following categories: womenswear, swimwear, accessories, jewelry and shoes.

Prizes’ Categories

Latin Desiger of the Year

For Latin American designers with a womenswear or swimwear brand.

Latin Accesories
Desiger of the Year

For Latin American designers with a jewelry, accessories,
shoes or bags brand.

Positive Impact
Project of the Year

A special prize to be awarded to a social or enrivonmental project or organization aiming to promote fair labor, the cultural riches of minoritarian populations or environmental responsability within the fashion industry.

Contest’s phases

One First phase



From April 1 to May 15.

The designers who wish to apply to Pitch to LAFS will be able to do so by filling a simple and free form. On June 1 the 30 entrepreneurs (10 per category) moving on to the next phase of the contest will be announced. These will be chosen by a jury that will reward the proposals they deem most outstanding.

Two Second phase


10 Semifinalists.

June 1st to June 15th.

In this stage, the ten semifinalists per category will be announced in LAFS’s social networks and they will have to complete a second part of the application form. Following an extensive assessment process, on July 1st the five finalists per category who will compete at the Pitch to LAFS will be announced.

Three Third phase


5 Finalists.

The Grand Prize:

– The opportunity to present their brand before twenty members of the prestigious jury of the Pitch to LAFS, amongst which there will be important buyers.
– A brand mentorship throughout the final phase of the pitch process.
– A general admission ticket to LAFS 2022 that includes access to all the panels and special dinners.
– A 50 % discount on the general admission ticket to LAFS 2022 for an additional member of the brand that includes access to all the panels.
– A virtual showroom at NuOrder for a year.
– A tailored Master program at Istituto Marangoni Miami.

The major prize is:
$10,000 USD

– An interview for The LAFS Podcast
– A one-year support from LAFS
– A general admission ticket to LAFS 2022
for the first three winners.
– A personalized course at
Istituto Marangoni Miami.
– Additional prizes will be announced later.

The five finalists per category

will have time up to the summit that will be held between.

March 14-16

prepare their presentation together with the mentors of Istituto Marangoni. The Pitch to LAFS will take place during this event.


The criteria that will be assessed are: business development, creative design, brand authenticity, branding and marketing strategies and market penetration.

Pitch to LAFS group
*In the event the Summit cannot be presence-based due to the pandemic, it will take place virtually, and so will the Pitch to LAFS.

● Discount for flights from or to Miami:
- 10 % discount in Y, B, M, U, K, and H.
- 8 % discount in J and C.
- 7 % discount in L, Q, T, and E.
- 4 % discount in N and R.
- The discount is not applicable in classes D, I, and V.
● Discount not applicable for Basic Economy, Branded Fares, and AM Plus tariffs.
● Discount applicable for all AeroMéxico flights.
● Discount not applicable for flights in shared code.
● Reservations and purchases through the AeroMéxico call center: Groups Desk or Direct Sales Offices.

Additional Information:
● The discount must be applied manually at the moment of the ticket expedition.
● Those interested must present the invitation letter to the summit or the inscription form.
● Name changes are not allowed.
● In case of date or time changes, additional charges could be applied based on the tariff, class, and availability differences.