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    ● Discount for flights from or to Miami:
    - 10 % discount in Y, B, M, U, K, and H.
    - 8 % discount in J and C.
    - 7 % discount in L, Q, T, and E.
    - 4 % discount in N and R.
    - The discount is not applicable in classes D, I, and V.
    ● Discount not applicable for Basic Economy, Branded Fares, and AM Plus tariffs.
    ● Discount applicable for all AeroMéxico flights.
    ● Discount not applicable for flights in shared code.
    ● Reservations and purchases through the AeroMéxico call center: Groups Desk or Direct Sales Offices.

    Additional Information:
    ● The discount must be applied manually at the moment of the ticket expedition.
    ● Those interested must present the invitation letter to the summit or the inscription form.
    ● Name changes are not allowed.
    ● In case of date or time changes, additional charges could be applied based on the tariff, class, and availability differences.

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