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The Latin American Fashion Summit is a multiplatform created by entrepreneurs Estefanía Lacayo and Samantha Tams with the mission of elevating and enriching the Latin American fashion and design industry, aiming to make it more relevant than ever. It all began when they noticed the general lack of opportunities within the region that was receiving a growing interest. A project that once started exclusively as an annual conference that brought together a group of globally respected industry-related experts in 2018 is now much more than that.
LAFS is a powerful community, a multifaceted digital platform that showcases the Latin American talent to the world and a leading content creator that provides opportunities for emerging designers and fashion entrepreneurs by partnering with important design academies, wholesale platforms and hosting its own contest.

Recently, LAFS created TRIBU, a new networking platform whose mission is to revolutionize the way in which the fashion industry connects.

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Noticing increasing interest in Latin American fashion and culture, but a general lack of opportunities within the region, entrepreneurs Samantha Tams and Estefanía Lacayo embarked on a mission to empower the industry, aiming to make it stronger and more relevant than ever by providing valuable tools and knowledge that prepare local talent for a globalized context.


Born in Nicaragua and based in Miami, Estefanía has over eighteen years of experience in the editorial, retail and digital fronts of the fashion industry.


A strong advocate for social impact and development in the region, she joined forces with like-minded Mexican co-founder, Samantha Tams, an expert in the retail sector who worked as a senior buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue and specialty stores, thus becoming a fashion consultant and brand strategist.


Together, they are committed to developing the most important fashion platform in Latin America and proudly share the region’s greatness with the rest of the world.

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Our second summit successfully offered different activities that fostered creativity and promoted the exchange of ideas via panels,workshops, networking sessions and for the first time ever, the LAFS showroom.

Throughout the week, LAFS provided over 25 hours of content via panels and workshops


Topics of interest as voted by our audience:Retail and business strategies:
• Sustainability
• Marketing, Technology and Media
• Social Responsibility


700 attendees representing 20 countries of all Latin America. 80% of this year’s ticket holders were women; entrepreneurs, designers, business owners, leaders in their field.

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In 2018, the first summit took place at the magical Riviera Maya. The following year in its second edition at Cartagena de Indias, it doubled its audience. Due to the pandemic, in 2020 LAFS hosted its first virtual summit, which provided its community with valuable tools to overcome the year’s challenges.

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